Direct West Investments Inc was formed in Manitoba and its origins were made in BC and it was complete in 2008 and administrated by a Church member for about 1 year in 2005 before becoming the finance company for Direct West Communications Inc. Since then it has become a Federal Subsidiary.

Our Investment Houses are in Europe and we trade on the BTC Exchange. We offer currency conversions with our Public Accounts,

Small Scale; 1000.00 CDN per transaction: AA12 N84G N32B T3UA, acceptable method of conversions: e-transfers to

Large Scale; 25,000.00 CDN per transaction: AA43 N84G 5OBG SBII, acceptable method of conversions: e-transfers to or wire payment.

For serious inquiries, in Canada you can call us at 1-778-412-7975.

Or contact us by mail at :

Unit T8, 560 Soda Creek Road,

Williams Lake BC Canada,

V2G 5E7.

Or email at